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I have embraced my long curly bushy damaged mermaid hair for quite some time and I think it’s about time I get a new hair do. Although this is not entirely new to me, I’ve cut my hair this short back when I was in college. Pixie cut kasi talaga gusto ko kaso hindi ko alam kung babagay ba sya sakin. Marami nagsasabi na bagay sya sakin kasi maliit daw yung mukha ko pero feel ko hindi sya bagay sa shape ng mukha ko. Bagay lang yun sa heart-shaped faces diba? Anyhow, magpapapixie cut pa rin naman ako! Hahahaha. So bagay ba? :)

#100HappyDays - 039 — At long last! We haven’t talked for months! I miss her so much. Beautiful, isn’t she? Nahiya naman nga ako e, gusto kong tanggalin muka ko kaso tamad ako eh. Pano na? Hahaha. Anyways, she’s the meanest girl I know and the best cousin I have :)

Hey there, you! I have finally updated (I think) my movies page after 123456789 years. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s here. I actually can’t remember the movies I’ve watched since May (the last update I did), I lost track. Anyways, that’s that. Thanks for checking it out ;)

Introverts Aren’t Shy… They’re Just More Complex Than You

You never talked? You never went out in high school? You were such an introvert.

The word slithers from their mouths, biting me with its innuendoes and connotations. It’s a jab, a smack, an insult that lies somewhere between “socially awkward” and “f*cking loser.”

What I’d like to say back to my high school peers, whom I refused to converse with at football games and parties, is that I wasn’t shy; I just didn’t like talking to them.

Contrary to their warped visions of my life, I didn’t spend my adolescence with closed lips. I didn’t sit at dinner with my family silent and uncomfortable. I didn’t ignore my friends or refuse to answer phone calls.

I went out. I told stories and jokes and shot the sh*t. I liked to be funny and obnoxious and have a good time. I liked to be spontaneous and reckless. I loved having fun… I just didn’t like having it with them.

There’s this horrible connotation placed on the word “introvert”; just as in high school, everyone uses the term as a put-down, simply because they don’t understand. They don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be the center of attention, or why you wouldn’t say every thought that comes to your head.

They don’t understand why you’d rather stay home than spend a night out with people who don’t fulfill you. They don’t understand why you pick and choose so carefully who you let into your small world.

People have tried to define it, diagnose it and label it, coming up with medical terminology, symptoms and definitions that are supposed to categorize these unique individuals.

The Oxford Dictionary defines an introvert as “a withdrawn or reserved person.” Its verb form translates to, “to turn (the mind, thought, etc.) inwards upon itself; to direct (one’s thinking or effort) to that which is internal or spiritual.”

In Carl Jung’s 1971 theory of psychological types, he categorizes introverts as happy alone, with rich imagination and artistic tendencies. They often stand “aloof” from society and are, thus, misunderstood. Jung defines them as people who place importance on their subjective view of the world and make decisions based on internally-established beliefs.

Introverts are withdrawn because they are internal. They are reserved because they are pensive. They are quiet because they are listening. This is why they are artists and writers, creators and inventors.

A study by The Gifted Development Center reports that 60 percent of “gifted children” are introverts, compared to the 30 percent of society that’s deemed “gifted.”

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I don’t know how to do this but I hope this will work. I am giving away a FREE overall blog renovation/revamp to whoever win this “so-called giveaway”. I’ve thought about this before and I am turning this into life now. This is an exchange for all the love and support I am getting from all of you. I know this ain’t that much compare to those who give gadgets and books but I hope at least some will benefit from this. (Sorry I’m not rich, Hihihi)

So.. Let’s do this:

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Good luck Everyone! (I really hope someone will join)

Thank you and keep safe everyone! :)

Much Love, Auradelle.

030— That photo of my boys when we went to Pansol for the biglaan night swimming. They were dancing like crazy monkeys, or were they? #082914
031— Night swimming with the officemates! #082914
032— We went to Ramen Nagi for dinner last #090414 and the menu made me happy, as well as our waiter.
033— And it was the first Ramen I have tasted. It was called Butao King and it was good. But Green King tasted better.
034— Reunited with my old team leader and lunch buddies. I missed them so much. And oh, the Ramen dinner was a treat by miss Ira. So awesome.
035— The cake that was given to me by the boyfie for my birthday. Mocha cake is my favorite! I guiltily ate half of it.
036— The greetings I got from my friends for my birthday. Especially the ones I got from my closest friends. And the ones that gave me long messages. Ohhh I love you so much. It’s so nice to have true friends.
037—My cousins debut. Good to have bonded with the cousins once again. Also, that event taught me tons of life lessons. ;)
038—I can’t believe that I am back to watching anime again. Well just Samurai X though. Yeah I haven’t seen one episode when I was a kid, I didn’t like guy animes back then. But yeah, since I watched Rurouni Kenshin, I fell in love with Kenshin so I downloaded the whole anime series.

I’m cheating on my #100HappyDays, am I? Hahahaha. Whatevs. Laters, baby. 💋

Since August, I have been wanting to throw a “party” for my birthday this year but I couldn’t quite make up my mind if it’s necessary to throw a party at that date because a) i will run short of cash and b) my it was my cousin’s debut the same day, September 7. Only when it was already the first week of September that I have finally decided to throw a not-so-much-of-a-party. Actually, I only had an overnight preparation. I celebrated my birthday last September 6 until the 7th! Salubong.

There were tents: one from the barangay — care of my high school teacher who is now a Kagawad , and another from my tito. There weren’t a lot of food because the party was supposed to be a “lasingan” party only, so I bought a lot of drinks instead. And my visitors (officemates) demanded for Karaoke and the demands were met. Thanks to my friend who knows someone who knows someone that has a ‘videoke-for-rent’ business. 

Technically this is the first time I’ve thrown a party this er big because usually it’s just my cousins and me and, well umm, it’s been Gene and I for the last four birthdays I had. So yeah, it was so tiring! I mean I didn’t even get drunk because I had to do a lot of stuff, not that I was allowed to. Who would be doing all the cleaning when the party was over? But I had such a blast. All my closest friends were there! Well, most of them, at least. I don’t get why the three most important people in my life couldn’t make it that night. Why? But anyways, I have no hard feelings, I had a great time. It was all worth it! 

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take many photos. These are the good ones on my ipod and I have nothing more. And oh, the photo above were the gifts I have received. Cupcakes from my girlfriends, Bacardi from my guy+1 girl friends, and an anchor necklace from the boyfriend, along with a long-stem rose and a box of my favorite cake! Thank you guys, to everyone who greeted me thru Facebook (It’s really appreciated because my birthday was hidden on Facebook so people wouldn’t get notified of my birthday), and thru texts and the ones who called to greet me, and of course to everyone who went! Especially the ones who traveled from Bulacan, Las Piñas, Cavite (okay, these guys are my officemates lol) Thank you! This by far is the best birthday I have ever had. Even better than my 18th birthday party. So I shall call this my debut. Binata na ko!


I’m so fucking weird
It’s like:
I’m the nicest rude person you’ll ever meet.
I don’t give a fuck about anything but at the same time, I care about a lot.
I hate people but I want to be everyone’s friend.
I hate myself but I’m completely fabulous.
I need help.

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