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I’m so fucking weird
It’s like:
I’m the nicest rude person you’ll ever meet.
I don’t give a fuck about anything but at the same time, I care about a lot.
I hate people but I want to be everyone’s friend.
I hate myself but I’m completely fabulous.
I need help.


People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.




realest thing I’ve seen in a while

this was so amazing. so thought provoking. an eye-opening social criticism.

I love this artist.  Name is Pawel Kuczynski btw 

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I love your "punk rock 101" playlist!! Had a lot of my favourite songs on it!! - teen-pa-ra-dise

Thank you! Those were my all time favorites as well. :)

#100HappyDays - 029 — First official date? Loljk. We watched Lucy, went sight-seeing, ate mexican, drank coffee and played summoners war together. All in one night. Holidate. // 082514

So here’s what’s really up…

I’ve been avoiding my tumblr for days/weeks, I almost wanted to deactivate this blog and perhaps make a new one but this blog and I have been through a lot. This holds a lot of memories and that’s what’s keeping me from deleting it. So I guess I’ll pass on the idea. Meh.

And hey, A and I are turning 1 month this friday sooooooooooo… We’re cool, yeah. I’m still coping up with how (this) relationship(s) work. First, I am not used to having an officemate as a boyfriend. It feels er different when you’re in a relationship with someone who is in the same space as yours, e.g. the office. And then there’s the plus-minus: 1) You get to see each other everyday. 2) We have plenty common friends/acquiantances. 3) Then we have the same everyday people. 3.1) and they get to witness almost everything between us lol. That’s right, I am overthinking things.
Second, I think I suck at this commitment thing. I was sooooo good at it when I was with G but now Idk what happened. It’s like it CHANGED me, know what I mean? Maybe because it’s new and I enjoyed my single-ness too much. Although we’re still in the getting to know each other stage so yeah.
Third, setting aside a five-year relationship is harder than I thought. It’s hard not to compare, swear, and I am not doing it deliberately. It just happens. Plus-minus: it makes/made me realize a lot of things.
Lastly… we were friends before we became lovers (lol that sounds corny). It’s nice that we act more of as friends than as lovers sometimes. Chill kinda relationship. But do you guys have any other opinions on having a relationship that started out as friends? Because idk, it feels weird, a good kind of weird perhaps?
PS, A is really clingy.

Do you know what it feels like to have a friend whom you could tell the every bit of detail from your story and that he/she would understand perfectly? That friend whom you get to only send one text saying “let’s hang out” and he/she’s there in a flash. That friend whom you could tell your deepest darkest secrets to. And then everything works both ways. Yeah, good right? It’s great to have that one friend. And it’s feels a hundred times worse if you have lost that friend all because of one stupid misunderstanding. And a hundred times more if you know he has this new friend, a friendship exactly the same as the ones you both had. It stings every time I remember. Oh well, shit happens.

And oh, I am still stoked about Summoners War. Hahahaha. You guys need to play that shit.

I really miss blogging (even if I am so bad at it). I’ll try to blog more. I am still blogging via mobile btw. I need inspirations! So bad. My life is becoming this one big “I don’t know.”

And I didn’t notice it until now, I have gained A LOT of followers. Shucks!!!! Thank you guys. I’ll check blogs now. Hihihi

#100HappyDays - 028 — Because I missed watching movies at the cinemas! Free movies from ze bff! Spoiled one movie though. Good thing I chose Rurounin Kenshin in lieu of TMNT. Wasn’t really a fan of the anime, but the movie was too good! So i’ll embarrassingly watch the anime today/tomorrow/whenever. And I didn’t like the TMNT too, as a child I found them weird and scary. Lol. But Megan Fox was there that’s why I considered watching it. Haha. And Sex Tape was fun too. I love Jason Segel so much. Plus Cameron Diaz is a fave too! Movie junkie. // 082414


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