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#100HappyDays - 053 — went jogging and then Starbucks after. ☺️

#100HappyDays - 052 — Because it’s Friday! 10mins before 6 o’clock. :)

#100HappyDays - 051 — I had to wear my hair like that for three hours in exchange for a twister fries. Challenge accepted! Goofing around with besprang. :)

Catching Up with Nika

Not in squares, though I’m not promising a good post. I don’t have a good post! And lol at the title. :’)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Met AJ’s friends after work at MOA. Had a fun dinner at Giligan’s with them. And I felt embarassed because I think I was being very paimportante because I had to go home after work so I could change clothes because I felt really uncomfortable because fuck periods. And then after eating one tiny shrimp, my whole body was itching and we had to find a candy shop at 9:30 which was obviously closing time. (Sweets is the answer to my allergic reactions [and that’s because I don’t do meds.]) But all in all they we’re cool, kinda like the gang as well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Team Orange / Birthday celebrators of the month of September threw a party (meryenda) at the office, yup I was one of them. We ordered Amber’s pancits and spags plus their ever favorite of mine, pichi-pichi. Also, we wore out Orange shirt for the last time together, because our TL’s going to resign soon. And by soon, I’m saying the week after this.

And stayed an hour late in the office with Sarah and AJ just because.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

As I was saying, our team leader filed his resignation form last month and Tuesday, today, will be his last day in the office. So he asked us out for drinks and, tadaaa! We went to a local beer house, it was the first time I have ever stepped foot to such place eek, and we had drinks and sisig and fries and karaoke! The place was crawling with girls whose legs are barely covered with their skirts! Gaaaah. I was like, “I’m too young and innocent for this shit.” But of course, I was over-reacting.

Saturday, October 4, 2014
I decided to go shopping alone. Huzzah! You know that fulfilling feeling when you get to do things you thought you could never do? Yuuuuh. I am afraid of ever being alone in a place where I know there would be a lot of people but I have conquered it. This is actually the second/third time I’ve done it but I still feel so achieved. Anyways, no photos because my I was busy listening to music. And the reason I went is to get AJ something for tomorrow. So I bought him a bracelet, ugh, which was suggested by our dear friend, Jesther. So if he doesn’t like it, I blame him.

Sunday October 5, 2014

COMELEC registrations at our barangay! Boooyah! Finally, after four tries, I am finally a registered voter of the Republic of the Philippines. Lolwhat. It was quicker than I thought. I went with my cousins and my brother. Oh happy day!

And did you knoooow? It’s our, AJ and I, second month together as a couple. Hihi. We were planning on eating at Zark’s but I felt really tired, it was one hell of a week for me (obviously), I just wanted to stay home so I told A that we could just stay in and watch movies. I asked him to buy SDTG and TBYD DVD so that we could see to corniest movie together. I have nothing to say to both movies though, their a disappointment, especially SDTG. Though I won’t say it was a waste of time because we had a good laugh about it while watching. Haha. Still not a fan of KathNiel and local movies/artists but James Reid, however, is fucking hot.
Getting back to our movie date, we were supposed to have a pizza-and-movie night but my mom was so KJ she wanted us to eat our pizza at the dining table. She just ruined the moment!!! And my annoying brother is annoying as always. Why did they have to ruin my mood? Ugh.
And then we went to Church, my family plus AJ. And then he went home after a quick chat over dessert. And I fell asleep an hour after he went home.

And I think that’s it for now. I have a lot in my mind lately, and I was thinking I should post it here because it’s tooo private. I’m actually thinking of abandoning this blog and just go back to writing on a journal. My thoughts are safer that way. But oh well, you know me. I suck at making decisions so I ignore them anyways. Haha. Thanks for reading! :)

[Days 46-50 of 100 Happy Days]

August/September favorites!

01 - Clothes Off by Gym Class Heroes

02 - Knocks You Down by Keri Hilson + Neyo + Kanye West

03 - Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie

04 - Ego by Beyonce

05 - How Do I Breathe by Mario

06 - If I Were A Boy (Remix) by Beyonce + Lee Carr

07 - Shortie Like Mine by Bow Wow + Chris Brown

08 - A Little Space by Neyo

09 - Sweetest Girl by Wyclef Jean + Lil Wayne + Akon + Nila

10 - Be On You by Neyo

11 - How To Love by Lil Wayne

12 - Just Like Me by J. Foxx + T.I.

13 - Dead and Gone by T.I. + Justin Timberlake

14 - Hold You Down by J.Lo + Fat Joes

15 - Love In This Club Part 2 by Usher + Beyonce + Lil Wayne

16 - Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner

17 - I Need a Girl by Usher + P Diddy

18 - Rehab by Rihanna

19 - Hate That I Love You by Rihanna + Neyo

20 - War by Jay Sean

21 - Before It Explodes by Bruno Mars + Alexandra Burke

Junior year feels! Enjoy :)

Rhythm + Blues from xoxonikaia on 8tracks Radio.

#100HappyDays - 045 — Celebrated Jeng’s birthday! Bbghurls for life ❤️

#100HappyDays - 044 — my favorite people ❤️

#100HappyDays - 043 — Simple breakfast joys c/o the boyfie. ❤️

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